We offer public relations, media relations, social media, branding, company/product launch, media training, media research, website design and an extensive range of superb writing services for white papers and tweets and everything in between.

PR & Media Relations

Yes, the landscape is changing. But fruitful communications still requires expertise, confidence, creative thinking and commitment to navigate past the distractions.

Writing Services

It’s about value, shared values and connecting with people and brands. We help clients do that in English, French and German.

Social Media

It’s a noisy marketplace. People want help making sense of it. Let’s be clear.

PR & Media Relations

Mahoney Lyle’s international, multilingual team puts relationships back in public relations and media relations – because you need to know who you’re talking with in the rapidly changing business and social environments where new information is exchanged.

We always look at things from the audience’s perspective. And through our hands-on media experience, we have built lasting, professional relationships with the writers, editors and bloggers who are a vital link in our clients’ outreach.

As businesspeople ourselves, we know how to prioritize information and lay it out in a way that conveys our clients’ added value.

The result is messaging and tone that’s effective everywhere – from long-form articles to blog posts to Tweets.


Writing Services

In some ways, Mahoney Lyle is very traditional. We believe form follows function in every channel, and that the best writing (whether in a technical paper or a Tweet) conveys useful information as clearly as possible.

We understand that readers have always appreciated accuracy, brevity and clarity. They’re the antidotes to all the noise we're exposed to every day.

That traditional focus stems from our writers’ deep and diverse experience ‐ a rare combination of business/technology journalism and marketing writing that helps them understand what audiences are looking for. They know what questions to ask clients, how to refine and organize information, and how to get to the point.

Otherwise, what's the point?


Social Media

Social media is the new mass media and the masses have spoken – actually, they’re speaking non-stop. The overarching message is clear. They want the latest news to come to them. They’re looking for value, shared values and connection with people and with brands.

Mahoney Lyle helps clients participate in this ongoing conversation through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and other channels that align with our clients’ needs.

We provide social media initiation and management, blog monitoring and posting in English, French and German.


  • "We compared Mahoney Lyle’s writing and editing with other sources before choosing them. They responded quickly to meet our needs and the overall quality was highly professional."

    Florence Dumas, Marketing Manager, iXBlue

  • "The Mahoney Lyle team has worked with Leti for several years on projects and programs ranging from our annual report to ongoing public relations. We value the consistent quality, communications expertise and attention to detail they bring to our relationship, and their familiarity with technology makes our job easier.  "

    Pierre-Damien Berger, VP Business Development & Communication at CEA-Leti

  • "Your team was responsive, professional and great to work with from start to finish of our project. This showed especially in the strong results. Thanks for everything."

    Giorgio Anania, CEO, Aledia