Leti Returns to CES with New Concept Demos

Over the past 50 years, Leti has established its reputation as a leading micro- and nanoelectronics research institute that helps global companies, SMEs and startups differentiate their products and improve their competiveness. At CES, it is showing the world its entrepreneurial spirit, as well.

For the second consecutive year, Leti is demonstrating novel consumer concepts at CES. This year’s innovations include a wearable device that takes measurement of brain activity – alpha waves – out of the clinic and puts it into the hands of consumers. The lightweight RELAX headgear uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record the brain’s alpha-wave activity, an indication of alert relaxation, with an embedded electrode system that does not require the sensors to be attached to the scalp.

“Leti’s manufacturing partners will develop our brain-computer and mental-focus technologies into full hardware-software concepts,” said Leti’s Coralie Gallis. “They will be able to develop a wide range of wellness devices and wearable sports- and fitness-related devices, such as wrist bands and chest straps.”

Sigma Fusion

Leti also will demonstrate Sigma Fusion, its innovative low-cost solution for autonomous cars, which transforms the myriad of incoming distance data into clear information about the driving environment. This efficient perception system combines, merges and feeds exhaustive data to an autonomous car’s autopilot, providing all it needs to guarantee safe driving. It is able to detect any kind of obstacle and to assess obstacle-free spaces for safe route navigation.

PUSH Pedal
The third demo is the first bicycle-pedal power meter under $100 that measures both strength applied on the pedal and pedaling cadence, and then combines them to deliver the cyclist’s power output in real time.

Designed for weekend cyclists as well as pros, Push pedal also features embedded power metering, which differentiates between a real pedal stroke and other movement and only measures the former. A single Push pedal provides reliable power metrics and it works perfectly either way up.

Leti Spinoffs at CES
Speaking of sports, the Leti spinoff MOOVLAB will present its connected fitness-platform prototypes for trainers, coaches and sports enthusiasts. Visitors at its booth will be able to participate in a round of virtual boxing training in a professional-size boxing ring wearing gloves embedded with sensors that measure performance, such as power, speed, reactivity, frequency and explosive power.

eLichens will demonstrate its air-quality sensing technology that it plans to bring to market this year. Lichens are air pollution bio-indicators, and eLichens uses that capability in its digital markers of air quality. The company develops services and miniaturized sensors for both industrial and consumer markets to detect, monitor and predict air quality both indoors and outdoors.

Although industrial-grade sensors of this type are available now, they are often energy-hungry and bulky, with a short lifespan. eLichens offers differentiating solutions with ultra-low-power, low-carbon footprint and smart sensors, featuring an increased lifespan.

Leti has launched about 60 startups since its founding 50 years ago.

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